Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yarn and carving

So I am posting two days of spinning for the Tour De Fleece

This was spun yesterday from BFL top dyed by Spunky Electric
It was plied with wooly nylon and beads.

Todays spinning is a shetland roving I bought a couple years ago at the Mt. Burce Fiber festival. It is very easy to spin. it is a 2-ply

I did some painting and linocuting today. I acually cut my thumb. I was being dumb about it though. Cutting linoleium in my lap. Not smart. I know better too. I think I need some new tools they seem slugish.

Well my camera fell once and the monitor is fucked up. Once. camera Once. I am hoping that a freshly charged battery will help. The pictures are coming out the same and good so no big issuses.

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