Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stitching Wrists

Wrist cuffs embroidered to look like the inside on the wrists XD

I had the idea while embroidering in my fibers class, with my angry writs. ^^

I found a bunch of images on line some from real anatomy classes with cadavers *shiver*
I want to donate my body science or my organs to people. It a good thing.
These images look nice to work off from. . .http://www.theodora.com/anatomy/the_muscles_and_fasciae_of_the_hand.html
it is Gray's not Netter's. I ran to library to find Netter's but it is on reserve for med-students.
Thank good for sister's who are docs and art lovers. Especially medical art lovers. I called her to ask if she had her book, and teller my idea. She was very excited and would like a pair. . . I have to see how they stitch up. The first pair are mine so I can have some healthy writs to wear over my angry ones.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Food and Yarny goodness

Classes started today
I get to do a spinning demo in my fibers class ^_^

A while ago a friend and i made Okonomiyak http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okonomiyaki
We split shrimp ones and i made my dad a pork one iwth out the sauce because he is allergic to one of the ingreaiates. But he loved anyway and told my Grandma all about it. Here are some pictures

I made my friend yarn in her favorite colors and then I am going to make her a funky hat out of it with on monster pin.

Other yarn was from the Tour de fleece and the weaving was an overshot sample that I made last durring the winter semester.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

fabric and paint chips

Today mom and I drove 3 hours to Feilds fabrics.
God i love that store, well priced quality fabrics. . . something joanns will never understand

I am painting my neice's nersery and the grey my sister picked out clashes with the drapery fabric.
oh dear god it clashes.
It is a very green grey which is hard to work with.
So I found a better grey but i don't know which one they want for their bathroom
I think i found a nice purple , blue and definatlly a good grey that goes with the fabric.
The grey i picked out is more of a nuteral grey
so yah

I have been listening to a lot of german disco and disco nevo(aka scissor sisters, goldfrapp)

You tube is magic.