Thursday, June 28, 2007

I now have creative suites on my mac. Ahh the digital art wonders.

My loom is broken. . . T_T

I bought a silk screen today ^^ ohh the wonders of printmaking.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First, my weaving mmm

Second, yarn spun by a batt from the lovely SheepFeathers

I plied it with wooly nylon and beads. I call it seasoned dreads.

Third, is a spindle spun mixture of alpaca, wool, silk, sequence and fake leaves. I also hand carded and dyed the fibers. It is called hills of Ireland

I have joined the Tour De Fleece

Other than that I have been working in the warp threads on my rug and my writs are trying to start a revolution. So I have not been working on my art. Soon I will start two of my Art Ed method classes: printmaking and computer graphics.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New to the Blogspot

Hello, my name is Kyla and this blog will be dedicated to my creative and art adventures. If you want to read about my past and my life you can go to my live journal (I do not spell check on that and I am dyslexic) I also swear in my journal it gets a lot of venting.

To view my art please go to it needs to be updated.

Yesterday I finished weaving my rug, ^^ I am a happy Kyla. I have been working on it religiously since March/April. Well it is off the loom I have to needle in the ends, close gabs; wash and block . . . maybe even add some beading. ^_____^ I will take a picture of it soon and post it . . . everywhere. Yesterday, I felt like trying to my back like a cape and running around. One day I had a fantastic installation idea, were the wall is painted and their are parts of the painting woven like patches and then the woven pieces would hang over the wall's edges onto the floor and ceiling. I think stuffing some of these weaving for extra dimension may be interesting too.

Well I think I will get out of bed and do some spinning.
On that note I may join the tour de fleece this year.