Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sheila Pepe

Wow, hearing Sheila Pepe talk about her art and her journey was completely invigorating along with seeing old art friends and professors. All I want to is make art and discuss my experience with my students. I am too excited to sleep, I feel like I have met my twin expect older, from a different home and a different sexual orientation. I love the composition and form of the modernist but also self-expression and the special change of installation art. It was so wonderful to hear that art dose not have an intention and I always felt that I was missing something or dumb because I make art to learn, heal and live. I also loved the fact that she did not explain her piece with normal bull that I have a feeling most artist talk about. It is up to the viewer to interoperate why should the artist preconceptions get in the way. When I first saw her the notices and postcards I thought it braids and noted string, in the lecture I was crocheting some random piece just to keep my hands busy and my mind focused. As she was talking and shoeing her pieces, my own crochet was getting lacier. I was really great to see instant inspiration translated into my art. My first semester of collage here at Wayne I wrote a theory of that Detroit has many parallels to New York when it became the world art center and that Detroit could easily become the next art hot bed. To hear that out of someone else’s mouth made me so happy because I have heard some many people “say keep dreaming” or giving this look of you nuts lady. At the moment I cannot express how she has influence my work and me. It is all fresh the information as to sit and ferment into something that I can express with worlds.

I started student teaching and the kids are great. Elementary is sill not my cup of tea but this week has been great.

I am finishing my BFA in fibers. When I told my fibers professor he was very excited. ^^ ha

All in all a good day

Tomorrow, I have teaching, getting finger printed for teaching in MI, Greens and the dollar store for art supplies and I am going to Sheila opening