Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tricked my ride

My mini van back wheel holes have some rust issues so this weekend I decided to buy some enamel and cover that up. Of course I chose the weekend my dad is out of town. ^^ I bought rustoilum enamel and latex paint (that I thought was enamel*head slap*) My dad comes home and say did you use automotive paint? Ah . . . no. Then he asks if I patched up the hole form getting rid of the rust . . . ah I didn't it out. I just wire brushed it and knocked of the peeling paint, then painted over that. He said ok it might not last. Well yeh it won't because I have latex over oil based and mixed because I didn't read the label *head slaps twice* gah I know far better then that.

Working on a mixed media collage for my digital art class the first part is a digital collage then painted over with cut collage.
It is so nice to paint again.

I when to my favorite LYS for a sale and to show Joan (the owner) my rug and some of my funky yarns. She was so excited she took pictures for her blog ^^. I got yarn to my future niece or nephew some things.

I had to remake beads for a friend’s gift.

And worked on an etching as well this weekend

Camera is still MIA. I need it now so I can show of my tricked van. It has a kitschy angel and devil theme. I feel like I need shag upholstery and carpeting in my van. That would be awesome.

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