Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Busy with art

I have been busy with printmaking Computers and tour de fleece
My printmaking professor I getting on my nerves he is the kind that is always looking over your shoulder. I prefer and work better when they leave me the heck alone and put some input in once and a while. I am very head strong when it comes to my art and art making. I think he is the same except he has to have people do things his way. I have a blister on my thumb from carving linoleum. I finished four in one day and printed one, and then a four-layer print.

Finished my first lesson plan in computers and a fun drawing on Photoshop. (I tried to make it a jpg. but ps froze.)

Spinning away made two skeins yesterday. Finished the brown roving yesterday. Today I will finish the surprise-roving mom got me for my birthday last year. Skein form the 9th tattered Pointe shoe

Fri and Sat Mary is having sewing and craft days I want to go Saturday and Friday but I have plans Friday for doc appointments and bead stores maybe Ikea and the nummy foods. I'm thinking mid eastern.

Deviant art is acting weird. I can't post new piece or watch new artists . . . . I am wondering if they put more restrictions for non-subscribers.

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