Saturday, May 24, 2008

cookin and eatin

Last week I made an awesome bread from
way nummy and a bit messy to make. It makes three regular sized loaves.

This week I made a great soup from it is way nummy and filling. I used fresh Italian pork sausage from an italian market with out fennel in it, i cut back on the fennel seed and i added some extra broth and pasta. When I make it again I am going to put the cabbage in with the potatoes, carrots and broth, also wait until the bitter end to put in the kale. I was suprized that even mom liked it.

Yesterday I bought some goji berries. I first herd of them was on law and order ci and then i started to see them around and in health food stores. The are good, something is very addictive about them. They have a familiar and yet distinct flavor almost berry and almost tomato and something generic savory. They are supposed to be super good for you too.

Drank a kombucha today and feeling good.

yesterday i was super crabby and pmsy. I hope I start and finish soon.
I am stressed at the moment with Kitty staying over until tuesday and being sick.
Grandmas coming over tomorrow
parents will be going on vacation
and james coming to visit.
i need to clean, sew, substitute, and go to class. *_* hum yeah

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