Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today Mom and I went to Ikea
And I got stuff for my room ^^ oh yeah
I got this mirror for $40
This dresser for $250
This wall shelf for $7
and a very excited Kyla is priceless
I was going to get this as well but they were out of stock. Mom and I were talking about the fact that dad can make it super fast for cheaper. So I think it was meant for dad to make me a bunch of box shelves.

My room is slowly changing and getting cleaned out.
I have crap of the floor in my room but my closet is still a mess and i have a corner that is filled with bags of random stuff and crap. I filled Kelly's old room with books and paper work for reorganization.

This weekend will be work non stop to get weaving art pieces felted and finished. Also ready to display. *_* gah

Oh I bought the new Craft: magazine it is all about weaving. ^^ And I know one of the weavers who wrote an article she works and Heritage and Joan help edit it. Congrats! XD

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