Friday, April 11, 2008

Weaving, Teaching, and Stuff

So I took the weaving class. It was money well spent! Soon I'll post pictures.
The instructor Suzanne Halvorson discussed color and working with chenille and bamboo yarns. I learned some new tricks and how to finish the two fibers. ^_^ yeah! I help the ladies who uncomfortable with color. Joan let me take the loom that I am renting home so I didn't have to drive up their everyday to get a few hours of weaving in. I come home and the loom is right there in the family room saying hey you work on me.
Anyway Suzanne Halvorson is a wonderful person and was a joy to work with. Her scarves are stunning, check them out If I am ever in Bloomington IN I am stopping by.

My student teaching is almost finished next week is my last week. :( I'll miss the little buggers.
Here is some of their art. The plush is from 5th graders most who have never sewn before *_* they did an awesome job.
The paper sculptures are from 3rd graders.

I joined an art yarn fibers swap ^_^. Lots of fun. I for got to take a picture of what I sent off. I hope it is enough and she likes it.
I am awaiting feedback on an odd art job I found from etsy. I hope it shipped ok and she likes. Hum waiting sucks. Send me feedback people. Feedback. I love it.

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