Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snow day and Movie greatness

Today I watched Donnie Darko thanks to a snow day and comcast on demand.
Why did i not watch that movie sooner?
I was told that i would like it and i have to see it and that it's the shit! well it is all true. It is the shit and i love it!
Insanely delicious!
It makes me want to see Lost Highway, I tried watching it once but I was too ADD at the time.
I think I have a better appreciation for movies like these now then I would have a few years back.

I needed a day away from teaching the kids have been sucking out my energy and this snow day was a nice recharge.
the negative part of was my ceramics class was cut early last night and I left a mess on one of my pieces with glaze.
The inside glaze dripped all over the outside and it will not wash off. . . hum.
I was having one of those days.
When you wake up and say crap.
My tuesdays are normally tiring and but this week it was extra crazy.
It is all little things that add up too.

I'll feel better when I start my period.
Next week will be craziness too.
I am enamored with the tear drop shape in 3-d i have been wanting to make it and variations of it in my sculpture and especially in my ceramics class.
I am sick of elementary kids.
yup they annoy me.
give me your tired and apathetic pubescent teens.
I will teach them art and use big words.

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