Friday, February 8, 2008


So I am bored out of my decorative vegetable. It is required and I thought this would be a great time to update my blog.

So student teaching is going well. I was evaluated on a bad day (pms) so I learned a lot cried like a baby then put on my big girl pants and opened up to my students more . . . it was so much smoother. I will never be bubbly but I am just going to have to show my enthusiasm like I normally do with smiles and sarcasm. Even though the kids don't understand it but they do sense that I am excited about teaching them. So yeah. I also need to break down my lessons. Frankly, I will never be comfortable with the elementary age and with student teaching it is hard to create a true sense of comfort because it is not your class and to keep continuity you have to fallow the same daily routine and management plan.

I am stuck in a math-based seminar at the moment. There are no art-based seminars at all. This is quite pointless. I could be teaching right now and I have a great idea for Chinese New Year. Make your own pictogram language to sat Happy New Year or Good Luck. The medium would be ink and brush, using the same calligraphy techniques. It is Multi-cultural and interdisciplinary. And if I had really planed well I could being candy fruits and traditional Chinese new-year goodies. How sweet would that have been? Seriously? It would have been frickin' sweet!

I played with resin and it was fun. I want to make my own molds, I need to got to the Depot of the Home and get silicone calk (first I have to find my notes on which type it was).

For my next seminar I am making a bee line straight to the make your own podcast. Although Mary can help me too.

My ceramic piece is out of the kiln whole ^^ oh yeah! My next piece is going to be a goofy looking monster with holes for his eyes. Tee hee he can have flowers in his eyes. The piece I made before is very organic and looks similar to my soft sculptures. I am going to weave on it too ^^.

I need to finish my rug this weekend so I can take it to Urban and see how we are going to display it.

I have a slow leaking tire still . . . a month a go I went to belle tire and got it fixed. It is leaking again. I woke up to a low tire and a long drive in rush hour to Det. Blah! So, before I get to go and see my niece I have to go to belle tire and the health food store to get black bean patties (for Kelly and I) and a wheat grass shot. I hope my tire is still inflated to get to the belle tire on 14-mile off of 75.

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