Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tubey Head Hat Pattern

Tubey Head Hat

Yarn- bulky thick and thin hand spun merino yarn or any bulky weight yarn
Note- choose a yarn that has memory, and is light, otherwise you tubes will drupe
Needles – US 10 ½ double point needles, and straights/ circulars and a size K crochet hook
Gauge- 3sts per inch or 9 w.p.i.
Notions- stitch markers, 2 stitch holders

Hat is made for a 22-inch head

Earflaps Make 2 Knit Flat Knit St st
Cast on 3sts
All odd rows knit straight
All even rows increase one alternating at the beginning or the end of the row
Row 2- make 1 (knit front and back) purl to the end
Row 3- knit
Row 4- purl 3, make 1
Increase until 10 stitches
Knit St st until the flap measures 5inches
Last row increase every 2 sts.
14 sts total

Hat body knit in the round using double pointed needles
Note- When using the double point needles distribute evenly on needles
CO 7 st
Knit one flap on
CO 24 st
Knit second flap on
CO 7 st
Put on a stitch marker
Knit in a round St st for 2 in
Dec 1 every 10 sts
K 2 rows
K 8 put 9 st on holder Co 11 st behind stitch holder K 25 put 9 st on holder Co 11 st behind stitch holder K 10- the holder sts will become the tubeys
Dec1 every 6 st
K 1 row
Dec 1, K 16, Dec 1, K 18, Dec 1, K 14, Dec 1 (Dec 4 sts)
K 1 row
Dec 1, K10, Dec 1, K 12, Dec 1, K 12, Dec 1, K 8, Dec 1(Dec 5)
K 1 row
Dec 1, K14, Dec 1, K 16, Dec 1, K 9, Dec 1 (Dec 4)
K 1 row
Dec 1, K 8, Dec 1, K10, Dec 1, K 10, Dec 1, K 5, Dec 1 (Dec 5)
K 1 row
Dec 1 every 4 sts
K 1 row
Dec 1 every 3 sts
K 1 row
Dec 1 every 2 sts
K 1 row
Dec every sts
Cut off yarn leaving a 10in tail, thread the tail though the live stitches and pull tight, weave in the ends

Tubes Make 2 Knit in the round
Put stitches on the holder onto double point needle, pick up 2 st on the side of the opening between the live st and CO edge. Pick up 11 sts on the CO edge, pick 2 st on the other side.
K round for 2 in
Bind off
Note- for stiffer tubes that will stay up better use a smaller needle size.

Weave in ends
Single crochet around the hat base 2 rows
Single crochet around the tubes 4 rows
Add braids for ties
6 -1 yard strands folded in half

Dec- Decreases knit two together
St- Stockinette
st- stitch
Make 1- knit in the front and back of the stitch
CO- cast on
w.p.i.- warps per inch

Do not sell hats made form this pattern with out permission.
Please feel free to ask questions and post suggestions or corrections.
please post pictures if you make it or send them to me at kylacrawford88atcomcastdotnet

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